Source code for console.beep

    .. console - Comprehensive utility library for ANSI terminals.
    .. © 2018-2020, Mike Miller - Released under the LGPL, version 3+.

    Cross-platform beep functions.
    See BoomBox for audio file and tone generation sound effects.
import logging
import sys
from sys import stdout

from console.detection import os_name
from console.constants import BEL
from console.meta import version

log = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs]def beep_windows(**kwargs): ''' Simple system beep for Windows. ''' import winsound log.debug('trying winsound.MessageBeep…') winsound.MessageBeep() # the standard windows bell
[docs]def beep_macos(**kwargs): ''' Simple system beep for MacOS. ''' # Note: makes the terminal/app icon in the taskbar jump. log.debug('trying AppKit.NSBeep…') from AppKit import NSBeep NSBeep()
[docs]def beep_posix(**kwargs): ''' Simple system beep for POSIX terminals, may be disabled. ''' log.debug('outputting BEL…') stdout.write(BEL) stdout.flush()
# ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- beep = lambda *args: log.error('beep impl. not loaded. (%s)', args) # Load a default implementation at beep() if os_name == 'nt': # I'm a PC beep = beep_windows elif sys.platform == 'darwin': # Think different try: import AppKit beep = beep_macos except ImportError: AppKit = None beep = beep_posix elif os_name == 'posix': # Tron leotards beep = beep_posix if __name__ == '__main__': import sys from time import sleep from console import fg, fx, defx if '-d' in sys.argv: try: import out out.configure(level='debug') except ImportError: logging.basicConfig(level='DEBUG', format=('%(levelname)-7.7s ' f'{fx.dim}%(funcName)s:{}%(lineno)s{fg.default}{defx.dim}' ' %(message)s'), ) log.debug('console version: %r', version) beep() sleep(.5)